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Avondale Breast Cancer Treatment

Many factors are considered when choosing the best surgical treatment for your breast cancer.  As a breast cancer patient, you should discuss these factors with your physicians. To better serve patients in the west valley, Ironwood Cancer and Research Centers has an Avondale office near the intersection of McDowell and Dysart.

Key features of breast cancer treatment at Ironwood Cancer and Research Centers are….

  • Multidisciplinary treatment planning and consultation.

  • Appointments coordinated with breast surgeons, medical and radiation oncologist.

  • Comprehensive management of breast cancer from diagnosis through treatment.

  • Accelerated appointments for abnormal mammogram and newly diagnosed cancer.

We recently sat down with Dr. Zeynep Bostanci and Dr. Darshil Shah to discuss how they work as a team to help patients with breast cancer treatment in Avondale.

For more information regarding breast cancer treatment options in Avondale make an appointment with Dr. Bostanci by calling 623-312-3040.

For more information about Ironwood Oncology with Dr. Shah at our Avondale location call 623-312-3020.