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DiepCFoundation Interview of Dr. Patricia Clark

DiepCFoundation  interviewed Dr. Patricia Clark from Ironwood Cancer & Research Center in Scottsdale, Arizona. Dr. Clark explains that oncoloplastic surgery is generally referred to as reconstruction of lumpectomy defects. She states that all breast cancer patients should be evaluated from an oncoplastic standpoint. Rearrangement of local tissue can add volume back to the breast with existing tissue to prevent deformities that can happen after traditional lumpectomies. This procedure can also be a consideration for men with male breast cancer. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization providing education and resources to empower women and men with information to make an informed decision about options for breast reconstruction after a mastectomy.

Ironwood at the Breast Cancer Resource Expo

Join us for our annual Breast Cancer Resource Expo, the only event of its kind in the southwestern United States. Hand-selected vendors and local resources will be available for you to ask your questions and get information to support you in your breast cancer journey. Vendors in the past have included tattoo artist, financial planner, cannabis dispensary, yoga, meditation, holistic healing, wigs, mastectomy clothing, nutrition, support groups and more!

This is a FREE event with FREE parking, open to the public, geared specifically to those diagnosed with breast cancer and their caretakers. The parking lot located behind the hotel provides a very short walking distance, as well as a handicap ramp, to the lobby directly connected to the expo room.

It is an open format so feel free to come for a little bit or stay the whole time. Seating areas and water will be provided. Educational workshops will take place throughout the duration of the event. Schedule will be posted when available.

Ironwood Cancer & Research Centers to have a booth at the
Breast Cancer Resource Expo
9am-1pm, Saturday, March 3rd

Ironwood Event Page for this Event

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Avondale Breast Cancer Treatment

Many factors are considered when choosing the best surgical treatment for your breast cancer.  As a breast cancer patient, you should discuss these factors with your physicians. To better serve patients in the west valley, Ironwood Cancer and Research Centers has an Avondale office near the intersection of McDowell and Dysart.

Key features of breast cancer treatment at Ironwood Cancer and Research Centers are….

  • Multidisciplinary treatment planning and consultation.

  • Appointments coordinated with breast surgeons, medical and radiation oncologist.

  • Comprehensive management of breast cancer from diagnosis through treatment.

  • Accelerated appointments for abnormal mammogram and newly diagnosed cancer.

We recently sat down with Dr. Zeynep Bostanci and Dr. Darshil Shah to discuss how they work as a team to help patients with breast cancer treatment in Avondale.

For more information regarding breast cancer treatment options in Avondale make an appointment with Dr. Bostanci by calling 623-312-3040.

For more information about Ironwood Oncology with Dr. Shah at our Avondale location call 623-312-3020.

Breast Surgical Oncology with Dr. Zeynep Bostanci

Dr. Bostanci joined Ironwood Cancer & Research Centers in August, 2017. Dr. Zeynep Bostanci specializes in management of benign and malignant breast diseases, as well as caring for patients who are at high risk for developing breast cancer.

Dr. Bostanci is a Society of Surgical Oncology (SSO) Breast Oncology Fellowship trained breast surgeon. She practices at Avondale Ironwood Women’s Center and Sun City Ironwood Women’s Center.

Read more about Dr. Bostanci here or call 623-312-3040.

Getting a Mammogram Callback

Getting a mammogram callback is unnerving.  There’s so much that races in the mind of a patient when her doctor is calling back after a mammogram.  A callback after a mammogram normally means that further tests are needed.  The vast majority of the time, a callback does not mean that a woman has cancer.

We sat down with Breast Surgical Oncologist Dr. Rashmi Vaidya to discuss what a callback after a mammogram means and what your next steps might be.

To learn more about breast cancer treatment in Arizona call 623-821-2838.