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Oncologist Dr. Salganick explains why chemotherapy is more natural than you think!

Some patients often resist chemotherapy because it’s “not natural” or for other reasons.  Oncologists at Ironwood Cancer & Research Centers hear this frequently but many of the ingredients of chemotherapy are from natural sources.  Dr. Salganick explains some of the natural properties of chemotherapy in the brief clip below.

To learn more about natural chemotherapy in Phoenix with by calling 602-494-6800Dr. Salganick is fluent in English and Spanish and sees patients at our Phoenix & Glendale locations.

Do I need Chemotherapy for my Breast Cancer?

There has been a great deal of discussion about the use of chemotherapy in breast cancer patients. The decision to have chemotherapy depends on the type of breast cancer you have. Learn more about chemotherapy in breast cancer with Dr. Patricia Clark’s video.  To make an appointment with Dr. Clark at the Ironwood Women’s Center in Scottsdale call 480-324-5252 or visit

Flat and Fabulous Breast Cancer Surgery with Dr. Patricia Clark

In the September 2018 Cosmopolitan, Dr. Clark is quoted in the article “These Cancer Patients Wanted to Get Rid of Their Breasts for Good. Their Doctors Had Other Ideas.”  Read the entire article here.  Read more about Dr. Clark here or call 480-324-5252 for more information.


An Introduction to Chemotherapy with Dr. Balandin

How Is Chemotherapy Used to Treat Cancer?

Watch the short video below to learn more about chemotherapy or call 480-821-2838.

To read more about Dr. Andrei Balandin click here.