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Dr. Garcia discusses misconceptions and answers common questions about vaping

Dr. Michael Garcia a Radiation Oncologist at Ironwood Cancer & Research Centers discusses misconceptions and answers some common questions about vaping. Dr. Garcia see’s patients at our Chandler, Gilbert and Scottsdale offices. Please call 480-314-6670 to schedule an appointment.


An Introduction to Radiation Oncology and Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

We sat down with Dr. Patrick Miller to learn more about how radiation oncology can treat Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer.  To read more about Dr. Miller click here or call (480) 821-2838.


What’s the Therapeutic Window in Radiation Oncology?

We sat down with Dr. Aaron Ambrad to learn more about the therapeutic window in radiation oncology.

To read more about Dr. Ambrad click here or call (480) 821-2838.


Dr. Aaron Ambrad Discusses Testicular Cancer

April is Testicular Cancer Month so we sat down with Ironwood Cancer & Research Center’s Dr. Aaron Ambrad.  Dr. Ambrad is a board certified Radiation Oncologist that offers treatment for  men with testicular cancer.  He says, “Men aren’t always the best at getting regular health exams so sometimes they wait too long to get a check-up.  Typically, I see these men after they notice something abnormal in their testes.”


There are several risk factors for the disease but undescended testis and a family history of the disease are the most common.  Depending on the type of testicular cancer is can be treated with surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy.  Dr. Ambrad stresses that “the cure rate for testicular cancer after treatments is high.  The sooner a man notices something’s not right the better.  I recommend that all men do a yearly testicular self-exam.   For men with a family history, I recommend that they self-exam once a month.”


Testicular cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in men ages 15-44. According to, an estimated 8,850 men in the US will be diagnosed with testicular cancer this year.


If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with testicular cancer, contact Ironwood Cancer & Research Centers at (480) 821-2838 or by visiting


About Dr. Ambrad

He received his medical training at the University of Illinois College of Medicine.  He then completed a Radiation Oncology residency at the University of Arizona Health Sciences Center in 2004 where he served as Chief Resident.  Dr. Ambrad has specialized training in LDR, HDR, IMRT/IGRT, stereotactic radiation, as well as breast brachytherapy.  He has expertise and a particular interest in    treating breast, prostate, lung, head & neck, GI and skin cancers.  In addition, he has several publications for his work in brain cancer research.  Dr. Ambrad is well-received and liked by his patients for his devotion and bedside manner and was recognized by Phoenix Magazine as a “Top Doc” in 2012, 2017, and 2018.  Read more here.



Common Head and Neck Cancer Questions with Dr. Murali Murty

We recently sat down with Dr. Murali Murty to discuss Head and Neck Cancer.   Dr. Murty is a board certified Radiation Oncologist and joined Ironwood Cancer & Research Centers in November 2014. He has practiced general radiation oncology and stereotactic radiosurgery. He has extensive experience and training in state-of-the-art treatment including IMRT, IGRT, 3D conformal radiation, brachytherapy, Cyberknife and Linac based stereotactic radiosurgery, and Tomotherapy.

For more information about Head and Neck Cancer treatment options visit or Ironwood Radiation Oncology or call 480-821-2838.