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City of Chandler, Arizona 2015 Architectural Excellence Award

Prof pic 2 east faceIronwood’s Chandler II building, which opened in 2013, has been recognized with an Architectural Excellence Award by the City of Chandler Architectural Review Board! Attached are pictures of the extraordinary handmade glass award, as well as pictures of the Chandler II building for all who have yet to see it in person.

The City of Chandler’s city council, city planning staff, and architectural review board performed an extensive review of all buildings completed and occupied in 2012, 2013 and 2014.  They narrowed it down to their top 50 buildings in Chandler during that time period, then trimmed it down to their superstar 5 properties through an extensive process of reviewing plans, taking a bus to see multiple properties in person, etc.  During the presentation last night, Ironwood’s Chandler II building was presented with this award – 2nd place overall!!

So many were involved in the building process – everyone who had a hand in it should be VERY proud of this award!  Thank you all!

Michael Hughner
Director of Operations

For the complete news release from the City of Chandler, please visit their site by clicking here.