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Clinical Studies

If you are interested in participating in a clinical trial, please talk to your physician or call the Research department at 480-398-7671.
The Research department has additional contact information here.

ICRC is committed to the advancement of medical knowledge and patient care. Medical research has and continues to transform the practice of medicine resulting in the high quality of care we enjoy today. We believe that by supporting clinical research today, we are helping build the future of medicine and the profound developments that are sure to come. Ironwood Cancer & Research Centers has an active and expanding clinical research program.  We have a comprehensive team of Physician Investigators, Research Nurses, Clinical Research Coordinators, Research Assistants and Regulatory Specialist serving all our offices. This allows us to provide the option, and access, for our eligible patients to the latest therapies and cutting edge treatments.

Principal Investigators, Mikhail Shtivelband, MD, PhD and Sujith Kalmadi, MD, oversee and are responsible for over 33 sub-investigators participating in dozens of trials that range from breast cancer to multiple myeloma. A complete list of these trials can be found here.