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Colorectal cancer signifies a malignancy that originates in the colon or rectum. Generally speaking, the colon and the rectum are separated by the peritoneal reflection.  Tumors that arise above this line are considered colon cancers and tumors at or below this line are rectal cancers, excluding tumors that specifically arise

Sorry….the Jump of Life portion has been canceled.   We hope to have them back at our next event.

Pfizer Inc. welcomes you to their informational program about a certain type of MBC and an FDA-approved treatment from a healthcare professional.

Hear a patient and/or caregiver ambassador share their story about living with or caring for someone with MBC.

Dinner and presentation to

Our Facebook Live event tonight is for the Drums, Rhythm, and Relaxation class in Chandler. This group likes to have fun and to be heard!  Do you know how invigorating you feel when your favorite song is playing on the radio? Imagine how you’ll feel when you’re the one making

We’re coming to you live tonight from Ironwood Cancer & Treatment Centers in Chandler.  Every Tuesday at 4:30pm, this group comes to Ironwood to practice the Chinese martial art of Tai Chi.  This is practiced for both its defense training and its health benefits. Each move in this version of