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Volunteer of the Month for May 2018

Jim is a cherished volunteer of Ironwood Cancer & Research Centers and we are honored to have him as the volunteer of the month for May.  Jim is well known by doctors, nurses, and patients.  On most days you can find him enthusiastically helping everyone he can.  His sense of humor and experience positively impact everyone around him.

Jim is an avid member of support groups at Ironwood.  At the multiple myeloma support group Jim takes great pleasure in helping others with information and kindness.

Want to know more about Jim?

Before Jim signed up to volunteer at Ironwood he had an extraordinary career in the aviation industry.

Although Jim is from Ohio, he attended Arizona State University where he learned to fly and started a long and illustrious career in aviation.  His flying skills got him his first job as a co-pilot on a B-25 Tanker.  From there he held nearly every job a pilot can have.  He delivered planes, repossessed planes, and managed charter flights.  His skills and work ethic led him to become the Chief Pilot for a Fortune 500 Company’s fleet of business jets.  Later he became President of a bustling aviation business and Western Regional Manager for Cessna Aircraft Corporation before retiring.

Jim even met his wife Marjean at the airport counter.  Jim jokingly recalls that “I had a boat and Corvette and she had three kids.  How could this not work out?”  They were married for 44 happy years, had two grandkids and a great grandson!  Jim continues to exceed expectations!

Volunteer Opportunities at Ironwood

Do you have what it takes to make a difference like Jim?  Ironwood Cancer & Research Centers is looking for volunteers in all of our offices!

Someone just like you is needed to assist in our boutique, visit patients during chemotherapy, and provide comfort in our waiting areas.

Interested Volunteers must be:
Eighteen and older.
Compassionate and caring.
If you’re a patient, you must be off treatment for at least a year.
For further information call Ironwood Integrated Services at 480-314-6660 or click here.